The Tirgwynt wind farm generates sufficient power to supply 25,000 homes*, saving c35,000 tonnes** of carbon dioxide each year–  helping to tackle climate change by making an important contribution to local and national carbon reduction targets.


Belltown Power is committed to improving and protecting the biodiversity and ecology across all of it’s portfolio including Tirgwynt and the surrounding area. The existing upland habitats are being maintained, restored and enhanced through the implementation of a detailed habitat management plan, which will be adhered to for the lifetime of the wind farm. The distinctive local ecology includes important blanket bog and bird-breeding habitats, which are being preserved through careful management and monitoring of the land use.


During the 2017 surveys a total of 48 bird species were recorded on site, of which 19 are of UK conservation concern.

*Average household electricity consumption value taken from Ofgem 2017 values for electricity usage.

**CO2 Reductions (p.a.) in Tonnes: Using DECC’s carbon saving figure of 430g/kWh. Carbon reduction is calculated by multiplying the kWh generation per year by the number of grams of CO2 saved per kilowatt hour, divided by 1000000 to demonstrate tonnes and not grams of CO2.